"Here’s a short video clip of our version of “Show Me".

In the film, this is the song where Derek gets electrocuted and the amp blows up. The props people brought in another bass, it was an exact replica of the bass I was using, but they had wired in a trip switch along the back of the neck and connected a couple of pyros that were embedded into the body of the guitar, close to the pickup. We rehearsed it so that when I moved into position and at the right time the singer would swing the mike stand and hit the body of the guitar and I was to hit the trip switch which set offs the pyros. We rehearsed it a few times and when the time was right Alan Parker gave the instruction to roll the cameras. It had to be done in one take, there could be no second chances and as it happened it worked out perfect."
– Kenneth McCluskey (AKA Derek "The Meatman" Scully)